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sukanto Kuri
Jun 29, 2022
In Interior Design Forum
Poster design as a breakthrough, theoretical discussion and practical exploration. Conclusion The relevant influence and penetration of ink and wash elements on graphic design has prompted bold attempts and innovations in the field of graphic design, which has led to the interweaving of modernity and tradition to a certain extent, presented in a perfect form of work, and successfully embarked on a broad innovative development path. Key words: visual effects; aesthetic mood; national characteristics As for the development trend of China's graphic design field, it has broken through the barriers of traditional design thinking, and started a variety of attempts and breakthroughs. constantly learning from Chinese traditional cultural elements and art Photo Manipulation Services forms, and even foreign design skills and methods. It has been applied more or less, not only has a considerable influence in the country, but also has a considerable influence in the international arena. What this paper explores is the ink and wash culture in the traditional cultural and artistic form. As a kind of elegant art, ink wash shows strong expressive force and rich changes in coke, thick, heavy, light and clear ink colors. It is extremely artistic, and contains strong national characteristics and cultural connotations. The Chinese-style aesthetics can bring distinctive design ideas and forms to graphic design works. Therefore, the elements of ink and wash are increasingly used by designers in design practice, and with the help of the practical significance and artistic value endowed by the elements of ink and wash, the artistic aesthetic effect that reveals a hint of ancient charm in modern times has been realized. 1 Realistic reasons for the fusion of graphic design and ink art The form and content of ink art have distinct oriental characteristics, and the aesthetic sentiment and cultural connotation are also very individual and prominent. These characteristics are very consistent with the current social development theme of "harmony".

sukanto Kuri

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